The “WOW” Women’s Ministry of New Life Church exists to assist our church family in nurturing, equipping, and mentoring women to faithfully follow and reflect Jesus’ example. It is our desire to help women discover who they really are in Christ through the Word of God assisted in our Bible studies, through prayer, and through our time spent together as we exhort and encourage one another to press towards what God has called each one of us to do.

The purpose of the women’s ministry is to strengthen and enrich the spiritual lives of the women of New Life Church and in our community by helping them grow in their daily walk with Christ and to equip each other for the application of our faith, reflecting Christ’s love in lives of Christian service to the Lord, our families, our Church, and this world.

Our Women’s Ministry is open to all women regardless of denomination, age, or church affiliation. It is a woman-to-woman ministry of sharing, disciplining, supporting and mentoring in the faith. Our focus is presenting the truth and beauty of the message of salvation, healing, renewal, and restoration in a manner that reaches the inner-woman.

Our women’s ministry will always encourage and expect its members to fully participate in the local church. This branch of ministry serves as a framework to actively engage all women of “WOW” to get involved in the work of the ministry and to make Godly connections. We enourage you to join us every other Monday at 6:30 while we go through our current Bible study!